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Madden NFL 21 Rookie Premiere Program is Approaching

There are still a few months away from the release of Madden 22, but before that, Madden 21 is keeping to add new promos and updates into the ultimate team. Recently, Madden 21 has released Power Up Expansion and Fan Appreciation promo, which has aroused huge excitement among game players.


Now Madden 21 will release Rookie Premiere Program soon, which will bring the best new NFL rookies to the ultimate team with special high-rated cards. Every game player is looking forward to enjoying this surprise.


Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Promo Release Time


Last year, Rookie Premiere Promo returned on June 12th. So we expect Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Promo will release on June 11th or June 18th.


Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Players Prediction


Rookie Premiere Promo focuses on rookies from this year's most recent Draft Class, including offensive players and defensive players. Here is the prediction list about the Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Players.


Offensive Players

QB - Trevor Lawerence

WR - Slim Reaper

LB - Zaven Collins

RB - Najee

TE - Pitts


Defensive Players

OL - Slater

CB - Caleb Farley

DE - Probs Phillips

S - Trevon Moerhig


When Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Players is release, we will update the official list.


How To Get Rookie Premieres in Madden 21?


There are several methods to obtain these Rookie Premiere players in Madden 21:

1. A set of challenges you can complete to get tokens for 1 free one

2. Complete rookie premiere sets allowing you to get other tokens and complete more RPs

3. Purchase Rookie Premiere packs with MUT 21 coins or points

4. Buy Rookie Premiere cards in the Auction House with Madden coins


Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Promo Sets and Challenges


Now before the release of Madden 21 Rookie Premiere promo, we are not sure about the sets and challenges. Maybe it is different from Madden 20. We will update these details information when it goes live.


Last but not least, how can we prepare well to enjoy the Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Promo? From my point, the important and convenient way is to stock MUT COINS. At the same time, there are the newest Power Up Expansion player cards live in the ultimate team. You can obtain these cards by means of MUT coins.


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