Affiliate Program

How to earn money with Affiliate Program at is simple and free to join the affiliate program dedicated to all video game fans around theworld, you will earn money by spreading the player about as we offer flexible commission rates from 3%-20%, depending on different products.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

1) You will be supplied with a unique link - a ref-link, the link is tracked.

2) You can post it on your favorite forum, social media, share it with a famous streamer, You-tuber, blogger or share it on in-game chat while playing with friends.

3) When you share your ref-link to friends, forum users, other players, or influencer fans, they will be redirected to

4) You will get a commission when someone purchase from your ref-link.

How to join Affiliate Program?

① Sign up for the Affiliate Program

② Obtain your referral link

③ Share your referral link

④ Get commission

⑤ Withdraw earning to PayPal

If you are interested in our Affiliate Program, please contact us by email at