Madden 21- New Ultimate Team Masters Will Drop Tonight


    Madden 21 insists on adding new promos and drops in the ultimate team all the time since it went live. All of us witness the updates and changes Madden 21 has done. In recent time, the two most huge steps must be Madden 21 series 6 update and the Gold…

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    Madden 21 Title Update New Version


    There is news that the great game player should pay attention to, which is Madden 21 has released a new Title Update today. Not be surprised or shocked, it is just a particularly small update compared with the before version. The Madden 21 new version…

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    MUT Series 6 Update!


    Madden 21 series 6 started finally on Friday, April 9, 2021. Play gamers also can know more about the exact update and change of Madden 21 series 6 rather than just made some expectation of it. How about the Madden 21 series 6? Of course, it also giv…

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    Madden 21 LTDs Released New BIg Shots


    It is Madden 21 LTDs time again now. Madden 21 ultimate team is never lacking new player cards, and how about this week’s LTDs time? Is there a surprise for the great fans prepared by Madden 21 ultimate team? Of course, the answer is YES. This week…

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    Madden 21 New Flashbacks are Live on Wildcard Wednesday


    Madden 21 keeps adding new promos and content to the ultimate team constantly. Golden ticket comes back to Madden 21 ultimate team just now. And it was Wildcard Wednesday again. The great play gamers have been stirred by the new flashbacks player card…

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    A Surprise in Madden 21-Golden Ticket is Coming Back Now!


    Madden 21 Ultimate Team released Team Diamonds 2 and MUT Sugar Rush program recently. How about the Golden Ticket? Golden Ticket is one of the fan-favorite promos in Madden Ultimate Team in recent years, both in Madden 19 and Madden 20. All game play…

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    Madden 21-MUT Series 6 Will be Launched on Friday


    Madden 21 is keeping updates and promo on MUT constantly, and now Madden 21 will access to next stage with the MUT Series 6 starts on Friday, April 9, 2021. Madden 21 series 5 was released recently. Now there are many predictions about MUT Series 6, w…

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    Madden 21 Released 15 New Powers Ups


    Madden 21 released all 15 new Powers Ups player cards on the Wildcard Wednesday, including Jared Cook, Isaiah Simmons, and Justin Herbert! All these Powers Ups player cards are live in Madden 21 now with the potential to be a more powerful, valuable, …

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    Madden 22 Attracts Attention With Several Leaks


    Madden 21 was released last year, and now the great play gamer is expecting the launch of Madden 22. Madden 22 has propagated with a series of leaks, which has attracted the public’s eyes successfully. Although there is no official news about Madden …

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    Madden 22 Reveal Trailer Will be Released Soon


    Madden 21 is accepted, familiar, beloved with more and more game players since it launched last year. But great fans still looking forward to the Madden 22 release date. There is no official Madden 22 Release Date yet. But we expected that Madden 22 R…

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