A Surprise in Madden 21-Golden Ticket is Coming Back Now!

    Madden 21 Ultimate Team released Team Diamonds 2 and MUT Sugar Rush program recently. How about the Golden Ticket? Golden Ticket is one of the fan-favorite promos in Madden Ultimate Team in recent years, both in Madden 19 and Madden 20. All game player prospect to see the back of Golden Ticket in Madden 21. Now Golden Ticket is Coming Back in Madden 21, which stirring every fan’s heart.


    Golden Ticket is available in Madden 21 on Wednesday, April 7 from 7-9 pm ET and Friday, April 9 from 9-11 pm ET as confirmed. Different from the previous Madden, Golden Ticket in Madden 21 has platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC, Steam, and Google Stadia. And this time players will receive three Golden Opportunities as long as log in to Madden 21 Ultimate Team. With the Golden Opportunities, game players have the chance to own Golden Ticket collectibles.


    As for Golden Ticket Players, there no official news. Reference on the previous Golden Ticket Players, including Bo Jackson, Julio Jones, Robert Griffin III, Adrian Peterson, we can expect the set of the Golden Ticket Players in Madden 21. Do not forget to update Madden Reward email address. At the same time, there are strict rules in Golden Ticket Madden 21 as below follow:


    Golden Ticket players must be built on base player items released in MUT this year.

    Golden Ticket players cannot be players that have retired from the NFL during the 2020 season.

    Golden Ticket players cannot use icons from the Superstar KO mode.

    Golden Ticket players will get a physical chemistry slot and a team chemistry slot.

    Golden Ticket players will get a secondary position chemistry slot (if it applies to them).

    Golden Ticket players will be stand-alone player items and will not be eligible to go into Power-Ups.

    Winners get to choose which Tier 3 Buckets they want available on their Golden Ticket player. The only restriction is it must be from an archetype from that position.

    Golden Ticket Players will receive a 5th ability slot.

    Golden Ticket Players still need to hit the thresholds for abilities.

    Physical ratings will be handled by the MUT Team but winners will be able to choose up to 3 skill ratings they want to see boosted.

    Golden Ticket Players will not be LTD items and will be in packs for the remainder of the year with an increased opportunity to pull them from packs the first 48 hours after their initial release in-game.

    Winners get to choose card art released from any program except the Legend LTD and Ultimate Legend Career Edition programs.

    Winners can choose the archetype for ability buckets (A total of 5).

    Winners have 10 days to design their Golden Ticket player. If the winner is unable to finish the task in 10 days, they will lose this opportunity.

    The Madden Ultimate Team reserves the right to refuse any Golden Player ticket selection.


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