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Madden 21 LTDs Released New BIg Shots

It is Madden 21 LTDs time again now. Madden 21 ultimate team is never lacking new player cards, and how about this week’s LTDs time? Is there a surprise for the great fans prepared by Madden 21 ultimate team? Of course, the answer is YES. This week Madden 21 LTDs released two new astounding big shots for the game players- Chris Godwin and Ryan Kerrigan.


As all know that Chris Godwin and Ryan Kerrigan are very shocking and powerful weapons in the ultimate team. Chris Godwin, the Super Bowl Champion, is a wide receiver and defender on the offensive line of the team. Chris Godwin always is a formidable fighter in competition. On the other hand, Ryan Kerrigan, from Washington Football Team, is the anchor of the defensive line of the team. He will strengthen and boost the defense power of your ultimate team if you own him. Let us see the exact stats of them as below follows:


Chris Godwin 98 OVR

99  Catching

97  Short Route Running

97  Catch in Traffic

96  Speed

96  Spectacular Catch

96  Medium Route Running


Ryan Kerrigan 98 OVR

98  Play Recognition

98  Power Moves

94  Acceleration

94     Strength 

94     Tackling


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