Madden 21 Released 15 New Powers Ups

    Madden 21 released all 15 new Powers Ups player cards on the Wildcard Wednesday, including Jared Cook, Isaiah Simmons, and Justin Herbert! All these Powers Ups player cards are live in Madden 21 now with the potential to be a more powerful, valuable, crucial role in your ultimate team despite these Powers Ups player cards get a lower OVR than normal cards. Of course, you need to update these Powers Ups player cards through training variety packs and solo challenges. Using Training Points to develop their full potential and make them be more powerful game-changers they can be as more as possible, this is also a challenge and opportunity for you to own essential player cards in your ultimate team. Lose no time. The new Power Ups players are as follows:


    J.D. McKissic (HB) 82 OVR 

    Deion Sanders (WR) 81 OVR

    Calvin Johnson (FS) 81 OVR

    Fritz Pollard (HB) 81 OVR

    Doug Williams (QB) 81 OVR

    Antonio Brown (WR) 79 OVR

    Alex Smith (QB) 68 OVR

    James Bradberry IV (CB) 68 OVR

    Bryce Callahan (CB) 68 OVR

    Jared Cook (TE) 68 OVR

    Justin Herbert (QB) 68 OVR

    Desean Jackson (WR) 68 OVR

    John Brown (WR) 68 OVR

    Baker Mayfield (QB) 68 OVR

    Isaiah Simmons (SS) 68 OVR


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