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    World of Warcraft 30 Days Time Card US Key

    World of Warcraft 30 Days Time Card US Key

    Note! The product is digital code, combined with letters and numbers, please enter your email address correctly when you are ordering.

    Platform: BattleNet
    Language: English
    Region: US


    RRP 15.99


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    World of Warcraft 30 Days Time Card US Key


    • Product description

      30-day time card for World of Warcraft

      Redeem code:

      1. Go to the // 

      2. Log in to your account. 

      3. Click on "Account" button on the top of the page. 

      4. Next click on "Games & Codes" button in the middle of page. 

      5. The menu will show and click on the first position - "Add a Game Key". 

      6. On the next page enter your code and click "Redeem Code" and download application.


      World of Warcraft Prepaid is the cheapest solution if you want to renew your existing account for 30 days.The price is significantly lower than in the case of payment via credit card and it's much safer. So why wait, waste money and give up on your raiding when you can buy a Prepaid? 

      World of Warcraft, released in 2004, is the world's most-subscribed MMORPG and a cultural phenomenon. The game lets players explore magnificent snowy peaks, visit vast mountain fortresses and travel through harsh, winding canyons. In this dangerous world you will find both mortal enemies and faithful friends. Fight monsters, raid gigantic dungeons and compete against other players in battlegrounds and arenas. Join millions of players in World of Warcraft.